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We leverage “Inspired Ideas to Ignite!”


To Ignite... Unduplicated Content. 

To Ignite... Compelling Platforms.

To Ignite... Ideas for Innovation and Growth.


The strength of this boutique firm lies in an idea driven, systemic and strategic thought process. As a “bridgineer”, we look for opportunities to connect and bridge ideas and strategy with relationships, resources and action to ignite success.  We take a systemic approach, as your content is only part of a broader system... your brand, your personality, your community, your passions... are all interconnected. 

Ignite Content Strategy is founded by Gil Edwards, with more than 20 years’ experience working in Mobile, Broadcast and Interactive Media. Gil has had key roles, developing, designing and leading content and product strategy... from leading edge digital start-ups and independent content creators, to local and national media sources.

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